***OPEN**** Drugstore.com Spree 1 by Glamqueenie

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***OPEN**** Drugstore.com  Spree 1 by Glamqueenie Empty ***OPEN**** Drugstore.com Spree 1 by Glamqueenie

Post  GlamQueenie on Sat Oct 25, 2008 10:30 am

Website: www.drugstore.com
Payment must be in by 29 Oct (Wed 6pm), no payment = no order (For regular spree-er, can post ur items up and request to pay later)

Capped at US$150

Shipping Method: via vpost shipping
Shipping charges: to be divided by amount ordered.
Payment Method: credit card
Collection Method: By post - reg or normal post or Meetup at my preferred place
Exchange Rate: US$1 = SG$ 1.51 (excess will offset for vpost shipping)
Email Address: lenachloe@gmail.com

Account No: DBS Savings Plus 023-0-028488


Order Format:

Email Address:
Ur bank account (in case of refunds):

Item #1
Item name:
Link: (Make sure this is correct!)
Price in US$:

Total Amt payable: US$ x 1.51

Mode of payment: (quote in red)
Transaction Ref: (quote in red)

Grand Total number of items: (Pls add your number of items to the one in the post before you)

Terms & Conditions:
1. No Payment = No Order. 1st paid, 1st serve basis.
2. Shipping and postage will be collected later.
3. Pls try to state any alternatives in case anything is OOS.
4. Spree automatically closes once hit cap is reached
5. Whole order might take up to a month
6. Refunds will only be done after the spree

Happy Spreeing!

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